Naturalcos is a Spanish company that produces and distributes organic superfoods in Europe in order to offer to its customers a healthy and natural diet. We specialize in the organic and sustainable production of maca, quinoa, quinoa real and chia from the Bolivian Andres, as well as shakes ready to drink based on these ingredients. Our company has more than 12 years experience in the careful production and commercialization of maca.

We understand that our environmental responsibility is to obtain agricultural products in an organic and sustainable way to increase their nutritional value. Our social commitment is based on the support of the Andean communities from Bolivia and their participation in the production chain. We use fair trade principles to improve their incomes, which at the same time help the development of rural areas.


Con la marca Naturalcos ofrecemos una amplia gama de productos alimenticios ecológicos y de alta calidad. Nuestros superalimentos como semillas de quínoa y chía son ricos en nutrientes, y la raíz de la maca como suplemento nutricional tiene grandes beneficios terapéuticos y medicinales. Estos productos naturales ayudan a conseguir un estilo de vida más saludable, fortalecen nuestro sistema inmunitario y previenen enfermedades.

Mediante una relación estrecha y directa con nuestros agricultores y productores en los Andes de Bolivia nos aseguramos de la máxima calidad y frescura de la materia prima. Durante los procesos de elaboración los productos e ingredientes están sometidos a rigurosos controles para garantizar su procedencia ecológica y todos cuentan con la certificación Bio Latina y el Certificado Eco Europeo.



Our agriculture is based on an inclusive business model, which is a social production system. Families with low incomes can participate directly in the production, processing and marketing chain of the final product to improve their long-term living standards.

Our company has been working for many years with the inclusive system successfully. We commit with the communities to provide technical assistance and to guarantee the purchase of their annual harvest- The growing demand for natural and organic products enables rural communities to thrive with agriculture and invest in job creation to improve their living conditions. In addition, communities apply traditional methods acquired from their ancestors in crop fields. This allows them to develop an exemplary agriculture that respects the environment at all times and offers the sustainability of their crops. At present, 180 families work with us as suppliers of raw material within the project, making a great impact on the development of rural areas in Bolivia.

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