Organic Certification Bio-Latina BO-BIO-118

This certification guarantees an organic production according to the international regulation, through the System of Certification and Management of the Quality. The provision of the service is carried out in accordance with the system of certification and quality of BIO LATINA, homogene throughout Latin America.

The Organic Production Standards are proper and adapted to the national reality guaranteeing the entry of organic products into international markets.

Products with European Organic Certification

Only when the producer and sub-product manufacturer complies with the provisions of the “European Organic Regulation” and  with the inspection controls on the ecological status of the products, they can be marked and sold with the organic certification in the European Union ( EU).
The compliance with the requirements for all organic products in the EU is monitored through reference centers for certification by each country. That is to say that the organic certificate indicates the products that comply with all the requirements of the EU in terms of organic regulation.

All our products are organic certified.